Chafe powers data extraction on the web.

Web crawling can be complicated. Chafe is the easiest way for individuals and teams to get data from the web.

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Capture Data From Any Website

Create simple navigational flows that lead to powerful results. Scrape any website, including interactive websites (JavaScript).

Setup Scheduled Extraction

Flexible scheduling allows you to repeatedly get data that changes. Monitor a website for updates on data you care most about.

Scalable & Fast

Go from ad-hoc requests to full blown website monitoring. Chafe scales as your data demands scale.

Just Point & Click

Our chrome extension allows you to just select the data you want, label it and start extracting it.

Label your data and start extracting.

Just point-and-click to select your data. Label your data fields and you're all set. Leave the rest to our platform.

Get started with a template.

We've made it simple, just start with an empty template or find one that already exists for the domain you're interested in.

Templates help organize and describe data available on that domain.

Start capturing the data you need today.

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